My first language was Dutch, but I ended up majoring in English. At one point I wrote art of living articles for Reader’s Digest, but I can’t say I’ve mastered this art we call living. I’m still working at it, and sometimes I feel like I’m going around in circles like a Dutch windmill. Then again, look what windmills have helped the Dutch accomplish through the years. See my post “A Conclusion About Windmills and Life.”


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Are you the Anya Bateman that wrote “Three Words That Work Magic” that was printed in the September 1985 Reader’s Digest? If you are, you should know that that article turned out to be an important part of my life-long philosophy. I found the article when I was fourteen years old, and those three words have gotten me through some tough times here and there. I lost the article for awhile, then found it again, and then six years ago, decided I wanted to have it somewhere where I could easily find it, and so I posted it on my blog, here:


    If you are that Anya, and you don’t want it posted there, please just e-mail me and I’ll take it right down. Either way, thank you for your wise, common sense words.

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