Got bugs? Get bugs!

I just didn’t “get” Probiotics. The concept of swallowing about a zillion bacteria to get rid of ta da: bacteria made zero sense to me. So even though a doctor’s assistant had suggested I pick some up that morning,  I made some other stops instead, one to a favorite garden shop. As I waited to buy a cute little gift item I was sure I really needed, the woman in front of me asked for ladybugs.

Ladybugs?  I widened my eyes as the clerk swooped into a side room. He came out with two packages of what he claimed held about 1500 ladybugs each—live ladybugs. Their teensy black feet seemed to be tap dancing across the inside of some kind of netting. It was a little creepy, actually.  “Soooooooo. . .” “You really like ladybugs?” I asked the woman.

She chuckled. “We’re having a problem with aphids,” she explained.

“Ohhhhh . . .okay. ” I had heard before that ladybugs ate aphids. I’d just forgotten.

It wasn’t until I was back in my van and almost home that I had the aha moment: Ladybugs . . . Probiotics—It was the same principle: good little bugs zapping bad little bugs. Okay. . . .we’d do this.  I checked my side mirror, swung into the left turning lane, and headed toward Walgreen’s.









































































































































































































































I went home and took a probiotic pill.






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