Who could blame the guy?

I posted on Facebook yesterday that even though we didn’t make it to our rec center track, we visited Ikea which was pretty much the same thing. We were crazy happy to find the cabinets,  our reason for coming. I won’t get into that.  But let me tell you what happened on the way out of Ikea.

By he time we passed through the bedding section we were feeling pretty discouraged and insecure. Were we even going in the right direction? “If we don’t get out of here tonight, at least there are beds,” I said. My husband agreed that we’d have pretty much all the household necessities. And then, I swear this is true, he nudged me and pointed out a well-dressed middle-aged man, fully stretched out on one of the beds and sleeping soundly. We snickered quietly as we passed him even though we completely understood. The poor guy had apparently given up.



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