gold star

Here’s the scenario:  I have just finished shopping, and I am trying to get all my groceries onto the check out ramp. But I have pushed my cart up a little further than usual and I accidentally bump a plastic container from the counter with approximately a quarter of a million candies in it. I watch them fly through the air as if in slow motion, then scatter. These are apparently over-achiever candies because some roll across the entire front of the store. I am mortified.”Oh nooooo! I’m so sorry! Don’t worry I’ll get them. Give me a second though.”

Before I can pick up the candies I need to finish getting my cart unloaded and pushed out of the way, and I need to pay.  I’m a little worried. My right leg has been giving me some problems and if I go down, I might not be able to get back up. The checker and bagger have already kind of rolled their eyes at each other, so I’m not counting on them to help. Anyway, I’m responsible. I’m the one who made the mess.

But then I notice that two women/girls around college age behind me in line are already picking up the candies near them. “We’ve got this!” says the taller one. “Yeah, we’re on it,” says the other.

This kind of stuff gets to me, and I get a little teary. “You are wonderful!” I say with a catch in my throat.  “Seriously, you’re so nice!”

“No problem at all!” says the shorter one as they continue going after the candies.  “We’ll get them all.”  I think about offering them something—a five dollar bill? But I don’t. I know from experience that handing out money for this kind of thing kind of takes the joy out of it for the person helping. So I swallow, thank them profusely again, and push my cart out the exit. As I’m putting the groceries into the back of my van, I realize I should have taken their picture. They deserve a gold star! Grabbing my phone, I hurry back. But the girls are gone. Apparently, they left out of the far door. Or maybe they just disappeared like the angels on TV do. You never know.

I hope that by some miracle, these two darling people will see this blog post. I hope they know that a kindness like this leaves a lasting glow in a day and in a life. Thank you again, ladies who were behind me in the check out lane today. You are  AWESOME!