A Big Shiny Star to Alicia

gold starMy friend, Alicia,  posted something a few weeks ago on Facebook that gave me a chuckle, but let me know she was looking out for a fellow shopper, fellow mother, and fellow human being. She definitely deserves a gold star for living the golden rule.

Alicia says:

if you’re in the checkout at Walmart and other people are laughing at you because you have a long strip of toilet paper hanging out of the back of your pants, I hope there’s someone there who will discreetly let you know. And if I’m there and see it, I might smile first, but I’ll be sure to (tell you) ASAP. Poor lady—with a newborn baby too! she was mortified when I told her. I just hope someone will do the same when it happens to me.


May we all have Alicia watching our back.