I like Halloween/I don’t like Halloween

I like the color orange, all shades. I like decorating our flower garden with different sizes and kinds of pumpkins. I like smiling Jack-o-lanterns. I like decorating the inside of our house with cute little ghosts and a witch that rocks as she sings, and a little haunted house that lights up. I like seeing the creative costumes people come up with, and watching my grandkids switch from one idea to another as they try to decide what they want to be. I like giving out candy with my witch puppet. I like babies dressed up like puppies or kittens. I like hot chocolate and chili. I like ordering Halloween children’s books. I like candy corn, mini Snickers, and Kit Kats. Oh and Mounds. I love Mounds mini bars. I like pumpkin cookies and pumpkin soup and pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin everything. I like when my grandsons sneak up behind me to scare me and laugh till they fall over when they succeed so amazingly well. I love the fun and funny parts of Halloween.

I don’t like scary faces on Jack-o-lanterns. I don’t like spooky masks or vampires with protruding eye-teeth. I don’t like hairy were-wolf costumes. I don’t like princess costumes that include blood. I don’t like haunted houses or scream movies. I don’t like cobwebs on my face. I don’t like feeling like an overgrown sloth because I’ve overindulged on Snickers and Kit Kats and Mounds bars and pumpkin everything. I don’t like that even though I knew exactly what my grandsons were up to and what was coming, I still lurched back and screamed a piercing Aaaaaah when they jumped out at me. I don’t like the scary part of Halloween.


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