Getting Older, by Toni Wunderlich

So here’s a poem my cousin Toni Wunderlich wrote and gave me for my birthday. (Along with her very thoughtful gift.)

Getting Older/ by Toni Wunderlich

Getting older is not so bad,

Even though your chest may sag.

And your hair, the loss is more.

Sinuses close, so now you snore.

Your eyes, they do more squinting now.

You have more lines upon your brow.

The food you eat has lost its’ taste

Your clothes are bulging at the waist.

You say “Huh?” to everyone.

Your hearing loss has just begun.

You don’t remember where things are,

Misplaced your keys, misplaced your car!

Your teeth are starting to fall out,

And watch those feet, you could have gout!

You go to bed earlier each night.

Your body doesn’t stand upright.

Your skin, it has those aging spots,

And don’t forget, you need flu shots.

Prune juice keeps you running smooth.

You use Ben-Gay, your pains to soothe.

And so your hair is turning gray,

And you’ve lost count how much you weigh.

Oh dear! What are you going to do?

There’s still more years ahead of you!

So here’s a gift in this small box,

Some shiny colored, little rocks,

I give to you at not much cost . . .

All the MARBLES you have lost!

Thanks so much Toni. Way to rub it in.


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