Wish I’d thought of this before. . .

ibg.common.titledetail (4)The library only had an audio copy of the book we were reading for book group this month (Moloka’i) available, so I ended up listening to it while I drove around town on my errands. I couldn’t believe how quickly I went from one CD to the next. In less than a week I’d listened to the entire book. As a side benefit, I found myself much less impatient and irritated when I hit the red lights and actually looked forward to stopping. I didn’t even mind traffic jams.  In fact, it was so fun to “read” in the car that as soon as I finished Moloka’i, I checked at the library for another book, one I’d been wanting to read for a while–Home by Marilynne Robinson.  I just finished that yesterday.

I feel bad that it’s taken me this long to realize how fun and easy it is to “read” this way. It’s mind-boggling to think how many books I could have finished in the last ten years if I’d listened to them in the car. But I can’t do much about the past, right? It’s over. It’s always better to look ahead. And hey, if my brain and body will cooperate, I should be good for a few more years. I just realized that even I listen to just one book a week next year, I could “read” as many as fifty-two more books in 2015 alone.

I do admit I’ve had to spend a little extra on gas this month because I find myself driving around the block a few times after I finish with my errands. I also often hang out in our driveway for a few minutes after I get home. So if you see me driving aimlessly around the neighborhood, or just sitting there by myself in my parked van, you’ll know I’m actually “reading.” Both these books are extremely well-written, by the way—captivating. Now I just need to make sure I don’t get so engrossed in the story-line and characters that I forget where I’m going.





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