Last December I accidentally mailed, along with my Christmas cards, an envelope that was filled with Little Caesar pizza gift certificates we’d bought for a neighbor’s service project—fifty dollars worth. Aaaah! I contacted the downtown post office, left my information, but never heard back. In fact, as the weeks went by I gave up on ever seeing them again and pretty much forgot about those gift cerficates. Well, this past month, (five months later) we received a manila envelope in the mail with “Found in mailbox” stamped on it. I raced into the house and ripped the envelope open. There they were!—ten pizza gift certificates. “Guess what!” I called to my husband. “Guess what we just got from the post office?”

“Do they  have an expiration date?” asked this practical man.

I put on my glasses and studied the fine print on one of the certificates carefully.  “NO!” I said. “YAY!”  Then I did a little “we got back our fifty dollars worth of pizza coupons” dance.


Today I need to go on some errands. I’m heading to the post office again and then the library. I hope I don’t mail my library book and deposit my bills in the library return bin. Once I asked at my bank drive through for a burger and fries. Okay, I was kidding. I’m guessing the teller had heard that joke before because she only smiled politely. I wonder if anybody has ever asked her that question and been serious. It’s possible. Life gets complicated.

As for me, I won’t be ordering burgers and fries even at McDonald’s or Wendy’s for quite a while. It looks like we’re going to be eating a lot of  pizza.




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