gold starI started off awarding stars to friends and family, but decided I could easily run into problems doing that–there are too many friends and family members I consider heroes. Instead, I’ve decided to award stars to random people I run into during the day who show extra caring and kindness etc. So here are a couple of people I ran into a few days ago who need a big shiny star.

The Situation: I had to tag some of my puppets and toys for my booth and my tag gun got jammed. Aaaaaargh. Even though I could see the problem—one of those little tag thingies was jamming up the works, I couldn’t seem to get it out.

The happy ending: I stopped by Advanced Display where I sometimes shop. They’re probably going to tell me to just buy a new one, I thought. There’s no reason they should help me. But Tania (pictured below) listened to my plight and was willing to take a look at my tag gun. She patiently worked to solve the problem. Even though it turned out to be more difficult and time-consuming than either of us anticipated, she didn’t give up. When she had a little trouble with a particular tool she wasn’t familiar with, in stepped equally patient Cory who helped her to help me. These two were genuinely kind. There was no show of any kind of attitude or rolling of eyeballs at this lady who was taking up their time. They both worked at it until they’d helped me solve my problem. I left that store with renewed faith in humanity and a tag gun that worked.



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