The last time I went to Costco I saw a woman there wearing those shoes we used to call stilts . I thought, Oh you poor child, do you not know anything? Yes, experience makes a person feel so very superior. Never mind, that I had to learn my Costco rules through my own mistakes. Rule number one, for instance: Wear comfortable clothing, particularly good shoes, I jotted down after I wore a pair of shoes to Costco just because they were cute and matched my outfit. I thought I’d be fine because they weren’t even heels; they were flats. Yet, I knew, I knew they didn’t have much arch support. I was limping before I’d even made it to frozen foods to pick up my giant package of “Organic Tri-berries.”  In fact, I only made it as far as the brownie bites that day— and that was it. You’ve seen the scenario. All that anticipation, preparation, and training for nothing. 

Rule number two you’ve heard before—many times.  Don’t come hungry. It’s a pretty basic shopping rule, but it applies even more at Costco. Again, I learned this the hard way.  I went to Costco once without having eaten a good breakfast or decent lunch and came home not only with two extra packages of brownie bites, but one of those kingsize cheesecakes, two dozen two-pound muffins. and  a set of giant jars of Nutella. I say “a set” because nothing comes in singles at Costco.

I also wasted a great deal of time hanging out by the sample tables that day. I’d have a chicken nugget, wrap my scarf around my head to disguise myself and go back. By my third stop, I was pretty sure the lady was on to me, and I felt obligated to buy a package of those nuggets. That brings us to the third suggestion, rule, or tip. Make a list and stick with it.  Impulse items at other stores are things like those  little 33 cent chocolate balls with foil wrappers, tic tacs, candy bars, and magazines. At Costco, you might come home with a new area rug or a tree. My son-in-law says he and my daughter  just bought a car through Costco. Hopefully it was on their list.

(To be continued . . .again . . . I will post the exciting conclusion tomorrow.)


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