First of all I want to apologize to both Mitt Romney and Fabio, (if that’s how you spell it) but I just really need to make this observation. Here’s what happened. In order to avoid having the parking problem I had yesterday, I started out early this morning to do my errands. I needed some cellophane bags and I headed to Zurchers first thing and was happy to see it was open at 9:30 just like I had gambled that it would be. So far so good. I hurried inside, happy as well to see that there were very few other customers. That meant that I could grab what I needed, check out quickly, and race to my next errand.

But who should be there to greet me just a few yards to the left of the front door? The two men I just mentioned, one in his nice suit, with his Chairman of the board hair, and the other, with his customary bare chest, long flowing locks and some kind of a loin cloth if I’m remembering right. You can probably guess which was which. And okay, you’re right. I really didn’t see these two in person. If you’ve been to Zurchers you’ve undoubtedly seen those stand-up cardboard doll things that look so life-like. Well, I’ve got to say that when I saw these two standing there right next to each other, I did a double-take, because here’s what I couldn’t help but notice. Mitt Romney and Fabio look unbelievably a lot alike. I mean other than their differences in style, (which are obviously significant) these two look like they could be members of the same family. Seriously, their faces are almost identical especially through the eyes. Put a suit on Fabio and send him to the barber, and we have a Mitt look-alike.  In fact, it struck me with such force that I asked the clerk if she’d ever noticed the similarity. “Mitt Romney and Fabio could pass for brothers,” I said.

The clerk wasn’t thrilled with my observation and was NOT amused. “Well, I’m sure they’re not!” she huffed.

Ha ha. I got the impression she was mistaking me for a democrat who was insulting Romney. I wasn’t. I like Romney. I was simply making an observation. But then the little devil on my shoulder was tempting me to become a trouble-maker and push the issue just because she was taking this so seriously.  He was telling me to say,  “Really, how do you know for sure? They might be.” —just to get a little more reaction. But I controlled myself. It’s December and a Saturday and I knew the poor woman would probably have plenty to contend with as the day progressed. She didn’t need to have issues with her very first customer. So I just kept my mouth shut. I didn’t even say, “Well, obviously!” Because seriously, did she really think I thought Mitt Romney and Fabio were brothers? The idea was and is so ludicrous that I’m smiling a little at how these two would react to my observation. I’m guessing that like the clerk, they wouldn’t be amused at being accused at looking like twins separated at birth. But then on the other hand, maybe they’d think it was funny. I mean can you imagine? Those two…brothers? Ha ha ha. There’s no way those two would be brothers! They could never be brothers . . . . right?


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