I wish I had added in my last blog post that I thought it was super cool to smoke when I was in elementary. That’s because all the movie and TV stars smoked. Also, the commercials and slogans for cigarettes were apparently effective because I can still remember them. “I’d walk a mile for a Camel!” for instance. Are there still Camel cigarettes? Then there were Lucky Strikes with those ladies dressed in cigarette boxes, and Pall Malls which were “smoooooth.” Winstons? They tasted “good like a cigarette should.”  In contrast, there were my teachers in primary and Sunday school and my family who said NO SMOKING. Mormons don’t smoke.  Family and religious training won out over TV and movies. Well, maybe not completely. I did buy candy cigarettes at Nygren’s market which I pretended to smoke on the way home, exhaling slowly for effect.


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