How do you respond to that?

Apparently, our seven-year-old twin grandsons didn’t exactly act like angels in church this past Sunday, and my daughter and son-in-law weren’t too happy with them.  They tried to think of something they could do that would “inspire” the boys to behave better. Remembering that their sons have really been  into earning money lately and have been working hard to save up quarters, they decided that an effective punishment might be to charge a fee. “We’ve been thinking about this,” their dad said, “and from now on you will need to pay a fine of a whole dollar every time you act up, starting today.”

H, who we’re all guessing will be an accountant someday,  immediately wailed his objection. It was something like, “Noooooo, anything but my money!”

O was more pensive. “Oooookay,” he finally said. “I guess I’ll have to give you a dollar then. But I was saving up my money to give it to the poor.”

Mom and Dad looked at each other and sighed. Back to the drawing board.


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