Monster Movies Put Things in Perspective

The movie only caught my interest because Kevin Bacon was in it, and I’ve liked Kevin Bacon ever since Footloose. I wondered why the ground around him was rippling, but  figured an earthquake was hitting. I guess I forgot it was October when all the old horror shows come out on TV until this large octopus-looking thing popped out of the ground and pulled one of Kevin’s colleagues into his mouth with its giant tentacles and well, basically slurped him up like he was a spaghetti noodle. So much for that guy.

Around this time of year, monsters always seem to pop up.  These past few years, however, we’ve seen stuff like this pretty much all year,  Right now the trendy monster is the zombie thanks to the TV show, Walking Dead. I caught some of this show once and watched it long enough to find out zombies don’t use napkins or utensils. I understand the writing is a lot better in some of these more modern monster shows than in the older horror movies. I don’t care. There are still monsters in them.

When my husband turned this Kevin Bacon movie back on for just a second to see how Kevin was faring, I did think of one positive aspect of shows like this. “Well, at least this puts our problems in perspective,” I said. “Sure, maybe our furnace is acting up, and maybe I am having trouble balancing the check book, and maybe the government doesn’t know what it’s doing, but at least there aren’t underground octopus things or zombies waiting to chew on us.”

“That’s true,” my husband agreed.  We both stared at the TV as another octopus thing slurped up a senior couple.

“We locked the front door, right?” I asked.


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