Strange conversation with a former (sort of) boyfriend at my high school reunion

T:  “I think the last time I saw you was about ten years after high school at your aunt’s in the avenues.  I was still going to school, and I lived in her neighborhood and was doing some work for her You were nursing at the time.”

Me: “I was nursing?” (I am wondering how he knows I nursed my children.  We didn’t nurse in front of people back then. I’m pretty sure I would remember if he walked in on me. Maybe I just told him I was nursing?) “Sooooo what year was that?”

T: “Let’s see that would have been 1973.”

Me: “I didn’t have my first child until that next year. It must have been the end of 1974.”

T: “I’m pretty sure it was 1973, That’s when I lived in the avenues.”

Me: “Okay, I’m confused.”

T: “You weren’t a nurse by then?”

Me:  Laughing,  “Ooooh, nursing! No,  I was never a nurse.”  (It is suddenly very clear.) “You’re talking about my cousin. My cousin was a nurse. I went into English.” He’s no doubt wondering why I’m laughing, “I thought you were talking about the other kind of nursing,” (I’m wondering now why I am telling him this? And why does my mouth still seems to be moving.) “I couldn’t figure out why  on earth you would even  know or mention that I was nursing. That seemed weird.”

T: Laughing.  “Oh, whoops. Noooo, not that kind of nursing. No, no! Sorry.”

Me:   “Okay, it all makes sense now.” (I am thinking, Awkwaaard! )