16 Ways I Blew My Marriage (Repost)

I was working on a post that listed things I’ve learned after forty years of marriage when I came across this. It’s a backwards approach, but a worthwhile read. I get a kick out of this guy. He can be a little gross, but tells it like it is. I’m thinking that in today’s world, this list could be a lot worse. A thank you to a friend, Nancy, for bringing this list to my attention.

Finding Things That Resonate & Influence

Note: This post has resonated with many folks. Dan Pearce, the author of the “16 Ways” piece did a great job. I don’t know Dan, but I’m glad I was able to find his story and pass his information along. He has a blog titled “Single Dad Laughing”. I’ve been surprised about the amount of traffic this post has garnered (although, it’s exciting too), but I don’t want to take credit that isn’t mine. I came across Dan’s post back in October. I encourage you to check it out. Thanks for sharing so many comments – go over and tell Dan, I’m sure he’d love to hear the feedback too! (TP)

Recently, I had a friend who just celebrated his first anniversary, then the birth of his first son all while starting his own business. He asked what advise I’d give him on topic of marriage (obviously demonstrating his…

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