I think we’ve had this conversation before . . .

My husband and I  just had a really serious discussion about disciplining. We talked about the importance of  following through, staying consistent, and being on the same page. We really got into it.

We even went into the specific problems—making sure three-year-old Lyla, the object of our concern,  stays in her own bed rather than joining us; not allowing her to eat too many strange foods and treats; encouraging Lyla to go out in the backyard to get some exercise, rather than just lying around the house; and making sure Lyla stays out of our stuff and off the furniture

“This is for her good. We’re doing her a favor,” I said. “It’s confusing for her when things aren’t clear and consistent. The main thing is that we stay aware.”

I snorted then. “This sounds like the exact discussion we  used to have when the kids were little. I think we even have the same issues–well, except that the kids couldn’t just  jump up to the counter and chest of drawers. They climbed up there. Ha, I can’t believe we’re having this big intense discussion about a cat.

“That is pretty funny,” said my husband. And we had a good chuckle.

But  then he said, “Yeah, there’s actually no point discussing all this when all we really need is one of those little squirt bottles. We just need to squirt Lyla when she’s in trouble. That’s supposed to work really well.” My husband laughed. “So there is a difference. We didn’t use a squirt bottle on the kids.”

“That’s true,” I said. “I just used the kitchen faucet sprayer.”