An Apple and an Orange

A Facebook friend recently posted reasons why we should redefine marriage. I respect and like this person tremendously and understand where she is coming from. She feels compassion for those who want this, and I don’t blame her. I feel for them too. I’ve heard some of their stories and to be honest,  I would help them out if I possibly could. To me, however, this issue is like someone holding up an apple and telling me that it needs to be an orange. Maybe the person holding up that apple is a wonderful person, and maybe that person is someone who would benefit greatly if an apple were an orange. Maybe that person knows people who would benefit greatly. Maybe I know these same people and maybe I cherish them and am close to them or related to them, but that would not change things. As much as I would wish that my saying that an apple is now an orange would make it magically become an orange, that would not be the case.

Even if there were people  in the background shouting at me and accusing me and others who are not calling an apple an orange of being bigots or idiots, or religious zealots, or totally lacking in compassion,  and even if  I would feel  intense pressure to go along for that reason, it would still not change the fact that an orange is an orange and not an apple. And even if this issue went to court and a judge held up an apple and said from now on this will be an orange, that still would not make it so.

I’ve been told that the tide is shifting and that more and more people are now willing to redefine marriage. Human beings generally want to be part of the majority, part of what’s popular, and part of the “in” crowd.  That’s just how we’re made up. More importantly, again, most of us would very much like  to help each other out. But just as we can’t turn apples into oranges, we can’t change what marriage  is and has always been throughout history and for well, forever, by calling it something else or even legislating it to be something different. It is what it is. Further, even  though it may be hard for some to understand,  I think there’s  good reason it is what it is.


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