Another Favorite Facebook Post

Some of you may be old enough to remember the Art Linkletter show and that segment called “Kids say the Darndest Things.” Art Linkletter would interview four or five children and ask them questions. Later, Bill Cosby did something similar. Anyway, some of the things the kids came up with were hilarious, but also insightful. Their fresh view was uplifting. In everyday life, kids really do say some funny and unexpected things as well and Facebook is a great way to share those. More often than not, the kids don’t know they’re being funny.  Here’s something my friend Brooke posted apparently around her daughter’s bedtime. I’m quoting this bedtime conversation between her and her daughter:

Me: Kyra, are you sure you said your prayer?

Kyra: Yes. Ask the Lord.


A Facebook Favorite

Some of the things people post on Facebook are pretty funny especially when there are kids involved.  Here’s this week’s favorite, a conversation between my friend Rebekah and her three-year-old, who is eating a bowl of fish crackers. I got permission to quote this:

Me (Rebekah): Will you share your fish crackers with me?

J: Okay. You can have one.

(He gives me ONE fish cracker. I eat it)

Me: Can I have another one?

J: No, Mom. You can have one now and one after dinner.

A Big Shiny Star to Wanda!

gold starphoto 1Just when she’d landed a part in a favorite play and her life was going great, my cousin-in-law, Wanda, found out she had cancer. Within a short period of time she was having chemotherapy treatments, and soon she’d lost her hair. She bought a wig, but it’s hard to wear a wig all the time. I know, I’ve been there.  She found a pattern and did her best to crochet a hat. Unfortunately, she used the wrong kind of yarn and her first effort didn’t turn out so great. The hat, she says, was “HUGE!”  She was looking for a different kind of yarn at Hobby Lobby when she ran into a book called “Chemo Caps and Wraps.” She loved the patterns, but what inspired her even more was that the woman who wrote this book had set up a foundation for hats to be sent to chemo patients. Wanda decided to buy the book and try to make at least one of each of the hats to donate to the Cancer Center. No matter that she hadn’t crocheted in years and that her first attempt hadn’t turn out, Wanda says she believes in having the “I CAN do it” attitude. In fact, Wanda made up her mind to donate at least 100 hats to those struggling with cancer. In order to do this, she solicited some help through Facebook  from her friends who knit or crocheted. Several responded and have been helping her. One friend has crocheted close to thirty hats. Another friend, a teacher, had her second graders pitch in and they donated twenty-one loom hats. Still another friend gave her twelve hats and wants to make more. Wanda says crocheting hats has helped her stay occupied and feeling good. Her hands keep busy while she has her treatments, and the activity has helped her keep her mind off her own problems. She especially loves it when she can let the patients who are having treatments at the same time she is,  have the first pick. Crocheting hats, she says “lets me know that I (can) do things better than I thought. It takes practice and trying, but I’m getting better!” There are many cute patterns that can be downloaded from the web, she says. “It’s so fun to try new patterns!” So far Wanda has donated more than eighty hats. This lady deserves a gold star!