A Big Shiny Star to Jessica!


After losing 150 pounds

  I hadn’t seen her for a while, and I didn’t know it was Jessica until she laughed. Nobody else has a laugh that hearty and happy! Our friend Jessica has lost 150 pounds.  How did she do it? She did it the old-fashioned way–moving more, and eating better. Dang it. I was hoping to hear about an  easy and fast new gimmick, but nooo, Jessica didn’t even join Weight Watchers!

Jessica had been pretty sedentary for practically her whole life and about two years ago, she started running and exercising. She and her family were also in the habit of picking up fast food several times a week, and they stopped doing that. Jessica started including far more fruits and vegetables in her diet. Twenty-one months later she looked like a new person. Jessica’s husband Matt says he lost fifteen pounds from just hanging around with her. Jessica e-mailed me these pictures–the same ones she sent to Dr. Oz ‘s people a few months ago. Dr. Oz showed them on one of his programs. “That was awesome!” she said.

I asked what motivated her. “I was sick of being fat!” she said. That simple. It all came to a head when she went to her daughter’s kindergarten registration and realized she was the biggest parent there.

Seeing Jessica and talking with her was inspirational. As we drove home, I thought, If Jessica can lose 150 pounds, I should be able to lose a measly twenty or thirty or okay, forty.

Jessica and Matt and their little girl are moving this weekend from the duplex next to my mother’s, and we will miss them. They’re gold star people in so many ways, and we hope to stay in contact with them. Thanks, Jessica, for your good example. You definitely deserve a big shiny gold star.


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