Conference Makes Me Want to Do Better and Be Better

“If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?  . . .” I can’t remember all the words to the closing hymn of this morning’s conference, but as these words were sung I recognized that as I listen to conference it’s almost as if the Savior really is standing beside me.  As I listen to the inspired words, I feel my soul perk up and my heart say, yes, you can do better. You can love God more. You can live on a higher level of integrity. I hear the inner voice say, you, Anya Bateman, can be more kind, more empathetic, more giving. You can be more valiant and use your time more wisely. You can seek more diligently to know God’ s will for you. You can be more committed. You can be more like Christ. More importantly, listening to these words makes me want  to do these things and be closer to God. A thank you to these leaders and most of all our prophet who prepared these wonderful words for our benefit. Because they listened to the spirit in preparing these talks, we, so many of us, feel the spirit in hearing them.


2 thoughts on “Conference Makes Me Want to Do Better and Be Better

  1. That was a powerful moment in Conference. I was bawling. The spirit was very strong. These leaders’ words indeed perk up our souls don’t they?! It’s been neat to have Malia be old enough to listen more than she ever has. She’s even been taking notes. Eight really is the year of accountability isn’t it? Life is beautiful. The church is true!!

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