A Big Shiny Star

Years ago my Sunday School teacher would bring a box of stars and would put one on our foreheads if we we were wonderful which of course, we were.  There was no better feeling than walking out of the classroom with a star on my forehead.

As I go through the days that make up my life, I’ve noticed there are so many people who deserve stars. I’m not sure I’ll ever actually carry around a box of stars or stop by anyone’s house with a star, but I was thinking that what I could easily do is give virtual stars to those who are extra “good” or do something to make this world a better place, or just do that extra little something they don’t need to do. In fact, I could have given three people stars today.

1. The extremely patient checker at Whole Foods who helped me out when I decided I didn’t want five pumpkins after all because the pumpkins I picked were not 39 cents a pound like the regular pumpkins, but 3.99 a pound. She remained pleasant even though it got complicated when she had to reweigh the pumpkins etc. She definitely deserved a star.

2. Carolyn at The Quilted Bear who did such a good job hostessing “Ghouls Night Out” and being in charge of all the games and the Halloween fun.

3. My friend Suzanne who just sent me the most amazing picture she took of fall colors.

Thanks to all these STAR-QUALITY people for contributing to this day and helping make it a good one.


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