Memoirs of a Goldfish

 Goldfish has the fishbowl all to himself and leads a pretty quiet, solitary life. Okay, maybe it gets just a little boring swimming around and around.  But then Goldfish begins getting bowl-mates! He finds this disturbing. Each of these intruders has his own set of needs and desires and well, problems. He misses his former life.  But just when things start to really get  crowded, Goldfish finds himself alone again. Well, it’s about time!  But then . . . You can guess what he discovers.  Maybe it wasn’t so bad having friends around! He misses them. You’ll like the happy ending.

Ever felt like that goldfish? I think we’ve all felt at one time or another like we just wanted to be alone! As children deal with siblings, friends, and classmates, and those pesky parents and adults in their lives, they can relate to Goldfish’s challenges in dealing with others in his bowl! It’s hard, for instance, to share a room. My children all wanted rooms of their own. When a couple were finally old enough to move down to the basement rooms, however, guess what they’d do on weekend and summer nights? They’d grab their sleeping bags and all congregate in the same room.

Even as adults, we sometimes long for alone time. Moms with young children wish they had just a little time by themselves once in a while. One young mom on Facebook admitted she sometimes plays hide and seek with her children just so she can rest for a few minutes. I remember those busy days clearly. It was so wonderful when my mother stopped by to say hi and I could actually go be in a room by myself. I could read or write for a few minutes. I could take a shower that lasted more than three minutes!

Now that my children are all grown with families of their own, I think about those crazy days with nostalgia, however. It gets too quiet here sometimes. My favorite times are when our children stop by. I relish the time with them. I love babysitting those most adorable of all people in the world—-my grandchildren. Oh, I know I need to be careful not to make myself a nuisance, and my husband and I  have our own busy lives. I can’t say that I’m ever bored, but the best times are when I’m with my family.

It’s funny how that goes.

In Memoirs of a Goldfish, author Devin Scillian and illustrator Tim Bowers give us a humorous, but honest view of the pros and cons of living with and dealing with others.


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