I’m Thankful I Can Complain

Several years ago a couple of small commuter planes collided over a neighborhood west of us. That night our local news showed a woman who’d had a large section of tail from one of the planes crash through the back portion of her house, completely demolishing her bedroom. She explained excitedly that she was inside her home and was walking down her hall toward that very bedroom when it happened. “I was that close! That close!” Then she added, “I’ll never complain about anything again!”

Coincidentally, I’d been frustrated earlier that day because we needed a new bedspread and no store had the one I wanted in the correct size. How maddening! Now as I watched the news, I had an entirely different perspective. Having a slightly worn out bedspread really didn’t matter that much. 

Here in America, I’ve noticed we like to complain. I came across a piece called “I am thankful” that’s been making the rounds, and decided to write my own version.

I have the luxury of complaining about . . .

1. My country and our government and leaders, because I have freedom of speech.

2. My weight, because I always enough to eat and easy access to stores and super markets that have shelves bursting with food and products I need.

3. The price of gas, because I have something to drive. (It isn’t a Mercedes but it gets me where I want to go.)

5. Bathrooms that always seem to need to be cleaned, floors to vacuum, and yard work that never ends, because I have  a place to live.

6.  Laundry to do because I have clothes, and linens, and towels, but more important a family nearby.

8. Clutter and too much stuff, because I have the means to buy things I don’t really need.

8. Having too much to do, because I have a way to make a living; can go to a church that keeps me busy doing good things; and participate in other organizations and projects that bless my life.

9.  Road construction, because I live in a place that fixes roads and makes improvements.

11. Going to the dentist and doctor, or going to the hospital for tests, because I have dentists and doctors available to me and the best  health care in the world.

12. How my life is going, because I have the freedom to choose what I will do each day and the opportunity to better myself and to  pursue happiness.



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