My son found some chickens . . .

in his dorm room. It was his Freshman year and he roomed with a guy we’ll call Max, who, as the student floor manager, had the unpopular responsibility of making sure the other guys on their floor lived the dorm rules. Apparently, some of these students thought Max took his position too seriously, and one afternoon my son opened the door to find the room transformed into a mini farm. The beds and furniture, pillows, even his radio, had disappeared under mounds of hay. The three chickens strutted around contentedly.

Once he got over the initial shock, my son decided to relax and enjoy farm life. He just leaned back in the straw and read All Creatures Great and Small. Okay, not really. He did take pictures, call people to come see, and then waited until Max got home  before starting the cleaning up process. Let’s just say it’s not easy figuring out where to take chickens.

Pranks such as these are not uncommon on campuses.  You might enjoy watching a similar prank by going to “BYU Easter Prank.” At least these guys put down plastic first.


2 thoughts on “My son found some chickens . . .

  1. I have friends in NYC who kept a couple of chickens in their study for months after Easter until they found a farm for them.

    When we were eating in a goulash dive in Vienna with our BYU students, I ordered a veal goulash. Some of the students were horrified. “Yes,” I said. “I’m eating baby cows. Yum yum.”

  2. My mom would fix us lamb chops once in a while. How sick is that? I don’t remember ever looking at one of my farm picture books and thinking, hmmm, I just ate one of those. Maybe I was never smart enough to put the two together. Maybe my picture books were in Dutch. So veal is baby cow? I guess I never thought about it. Okay, Louise, now you’ve got me going. Now I’m going to have to blog about what I took to school for lunch once.

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