Extraordinary Chickens!

Now that’s a chicken!

When I was considering getting a pet chicken, (See my last post) I thought my choices consisted of the standard little red hen style chicken, the white chicken, or the black and white variety.  Those were the only chicken breeds I could think of right off.   But then, in looking for a picture for that post, I came across this  book which let me know that there are chickens and then there are chickens. Don’t you just love mother nature? The chicken on this cover is a rock star! This picture, along with the fact that a cousin let me know that you can go online and order chickens and their coops and all their gear, makes me wonder if I made the right decision.

On the other hand, there’s still that nasty poop issue. Maybe scientists will solve that problem someday.  Hey, they came up with a seedless watermelon, didn’t they?  There’s hope.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll get a copy of this chicken book, pick out my favorite chicken, and mark the page. My husband is welcome to help me pick out a chicken, but frankly, he has not shown a great interest in this project. This could possibly be because I have not mentioned it to him.

I’ll keep the book on my coffee table where I can look at my favorite chicken picture every day. When people visit I’ll show them this chicken I would choose if and when we ever got a chicken. Then friends are welcome to thumb through the book and be amazed at all the crazy chickens strutting  around out there.  I mean look at this guy! In fact, he looks familiar. He looks a lot like a guy I had a blind date with once.

Do you think there are chickens somewhere laughing at pictures of us?


One thought on “Extraordinary Chickens!

  1. This chicken looks like it would refuse to lay eggs. This chicken is way too self absorbant. If chickens had tattoos, this chicken would have one. Stay away from this chicken.

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