Today Was a Perfect Day

A friend reminded me of something else that I wanted to remember from the funeral I attended on Saturday. (See my previous post) I wanted to remember the words President Petersen would often say as a day drew to a close. According to his daughter he would say, “Today was a perfect day!” He would then talk about friends or family members he had seen, love expressed, and the wonderful things that had happened that day. Despite the fact that he was dying, this man saw each day in a positive light.

As I think about my day today, I realize that it was a great day. I talked to a couple of my children and several of my grandchildren; I visited with my mother; chatted with some neighbors and friends, cleaned out some foilage from last year and planted some red geraniums and pink snapdragons; did some cleaning, straightening, and organizing; watched a niece on a local television program; and enjoyed some mushrooms sauteed in butter with our dinner. Later I took a walk with my husband, talked to more grandchildren, and did some church work. How could any day be more perfect than that?


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