Three Hens and a Peacock!

The chickens are annoyed when a peacock shows up on the farm. All this newcomer does is strut around screaming, while they have to stay all cooped up sitting on eggs all day. When the peacock fans out its tail near the country road, and people pull over to take pictures, the hens are even more irritated.

The hens let the peacock know how they feel– that they don’t think she’s being useful! The peacock feels bad and agrees to a trade with the hens—give them a break. While the chickens start strutting around in their finery and accessories, the peacock does her best to squeeze into the chicken coop where she’ll take care of the eggs.

But things don’t work out so well. For some reason nobody stops to take pictures of the hens. The farmer notices that egg sales are down and wishes the peacock were still out there attracting people to the farm.  The peacock realizes she’s useful after all!

This fun picture book helps both children and adults remember that we each make a contribution and that we don’t need to envy each other. This new “Anya’s favorite” is a great read for Mother’s Day!


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