Caterpillar Capers

Yesterday I ate one gooey breakfast bar; two chocolates from See’s Candy that a friend who works there brought me; three (cold) pieces of pizza;  four marshmallow peeps leftover from Easter; five mini twix bars–same story; and somewhere between six and sixty chocolate chips just because they were there. Well, then I didn’t feel so great. Sooooo . . . I pulled out all the leafy greens in my fridge and made myself a nice big salad, and then I felt much better.

Somebody once said: There are no bad foods, just bad portions.

Somebody else once said: It’s all about choices.

I say: Never start off the day with chocolate.

This next week I will eat better. On Monday I will eat apples and avocados; on Tuesday I will eat broccoli or broccoli sprouts; on Wednesday I will have berries; on Thursday I will have cauliflower and carrots and coconut oil; on Friday I will eat oranges; on Saturday I will eat salmon, tomatoes and yams.

And this weekend I will not eat the kind of stuff I ate yesterday, and I will get all the sugar out of my system—what’s it called detox? This may mean I will need to go into a cocoon for a while.


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