A Phone Call From My Mother

A few summers ago I typed up this conversation I had with my mother.  I just ran across it the other day and thought it was worth sharing.

Me: What have you been up to today?

My mother: Ach,  it’s so hot and the people down the street go to work and leave their nice big dog tied in their yard, but then the poor thing winds its rope around a pole and can’t get to its water all day.  I see this when I walk by.  But I had a ten foot piece of PVC pipe.

Me: Oh? PVC pipe?

My mother: I had to put it across my bike and then walked the block to their house.

Me: Uh huh.  Okay. Then what?

My mother:  There was a small opening along the bottom of their fence, so I sat down on the sidewalk and carefully pushed the pipe under the fence to the dog’s water bowl.  Then I pushed the water bowl to the dog.  It took a long time, an inch at a time because I didn’t want to spill it, but he was so grateful, the nice dog.  He just slurped it up.

Me: Wow.

My mother: Luckily, nobody came by or they would have wondered what I was doing, and why this old lady was sitting on the sidewalk.  I was afraid the owners would come home.

Me: Don’t you think you should  just tell them.

My mother: Ach no, of course not. I can’t do that. It’s none of my business.


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