Want a good turnout? Advertise chocolate.

I read a tidbit of information in Reader’s Digest that listed Snacking on chocolate as one of the ways to boost your mood. It said that chocolate can interact with the brain’s chemicals to boost good feelings. Raise your hand if you did not know this.

I also found out that people will come out for chocolate in even the severest of snowstorms. I attended a chocolate-dipping demo during that crazy snowstorm a few days ago. Twenty-five were expected and I’m guessing more than forty showed up. In fairness there were other reasons these women came out as well, but I know the thought of being able to sample the chocolate helped me to feel better about cleaning and scraping off my car and forcing it (against its will) up a snow-crusted, nasty hill. We sampled chocolate-covered pretzels, various chocolate-covered cut-up fruits (Grapes were my favorite–mmmmmm) and the more conventional chocolate-covered nugget type stuff, and proved Reader’s Digest right by leaving in the jolliest of moods.

So here’s to chocolate!

Oh, there is one little added observation. Do I dare mention it? What Reader’s Digest didn’t tell us is that chocolate can put a big damper on your mood the next day when you try on your new pants that fit perfectly the week before. Aaaargh. Life is soooo unfair.


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