An Oops with a Positive Outcome!

Yesterday morning  I noticed a bright pink puddle on the kitchen floor in front of the kitchen sink. What was that—the Danish Dessert from Sunday?  If so, how on earth had it escaped from our fridge? Then I realized that it wasn’t Danish Dessert and hadn’t come from the counter. I guessed that when I opened the lower cabinet door, there would be an even larger gooey pink puddle there. I’d apparently forgotten to push shut the little nozzle on the top of the dish washing liquid. I’d done that once before.

Sure enough, when I opened the cabinet, there was a mini pond on the shelf under the sink. The bottle of dish washing liquid that had been full the day before was almost empty. I sighed and reached for some paper towels, not happy that I wasn’t going to get to my list of errands as early as I’d planned. But it didn’t take much effort to wipe up the pink liquid from the floor in front of the cabinet. I wadded the towels up and threw them in the nearby trash container. I remembered then that the back bathtub really needed to be cleaned, a fact I’d been doing my best to ignore. I’d discovered a few years ago that dish washing liquid works great on bathtub ring. Okay, I’d just hurry and use some of this stuff on the tub. I plucked the wad of towels with the d.w. liquid on it back out of the trash and took it to the back bathroom where I rubbed the liquid on to the bathtub ring. I still had plenty of d.w. liquid left for the sink and toilet, and then I remembered I hadn’t gotten to the tile bathroom floor for a while either. To make a long story short, I ended up cleaning just about everything I’d been putting off cleaning for weeks: the doors, the blinds, the chairs, the inside of the cabinets, the outside of the cabinets, even the shelves on the  inside of the fridge door. Hey, once you’re on a roll . . . By the time the d.w. liquid was gone, I had a clean upstairs. The area under my sink was especially clean. It’s true that I hadn’t done one thing on my errand list, but oddly, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  In fact, the next time I leave that little spout open on the dish washing liquid bottle, maybe I’ll plant it in the bathroom downstairs and have it spill there. I haven’t cleaned down there for months.


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