Picking a Blog Title is Complicated

At one point I wanted my blog to be called “Life’s Complicated” but because life is complicated, that blog title had been taken. It didn’t surprise me at all that the trendy saying “Keep Calm and Carry on” had been taken as well.  “Moving Right Along?” Taken. I suspect even “Keep on truckin'” might even have been taken. I didn’t check on that one,  but if I had . . .Next I thought of “Silly Old Lady.” I guess there are more silly old ladies out there, because it was taken. One of my favorites was “Duck on a Bike.”  Again, no luck. The duck was taken. I was feeling pretty discouraged until I remembered that my name is uncommon. If I used it in the title, I might actually find a title that wasn’t taken. Anya On a Bike? That didn’t quite have it. Anya—Moving Right Along? Nah. Anya’s Life is Complicated? It didn’t quite work for me, even though it’s true. I finally  looked up “Anya’s Adventures” and “Anya’s World.” They were taken! Finally I thought of “Anya’s Observations.” Amazingly, it was available. Even better, it depicted accurately what I planned to do. I planned to make some observations. Yes, that title would work. And so “Anya’s Observations” it is. And here are my first few general observations: A. Life’s complicated. (but we can) B. Keep Moving Along (even if we feel as silly as) C. A Duck on a Bike.


One thought on “Picking a Blog Title is Complicated

  1. Am I perhaps the first to comment on your blog? I feel extremely special. I’m excited to read your observations. Here’s an observation I have for you…you cooked a great dinner tonight. It was delish! 🙂 And you’re the greatest! 🙂 Thanks for having my Tess for a sleepover. I know she’s in heaven!

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